Non Parochial Registers

By 'non parochial', we mean all registers of births/baptism, marriages and deaths/burials that we hold, but that are not Church of England parish registers.

Usually, these registers have come from another faith organisation, but the guide does include registers from workhouses and municipal cemeteries too.


D/N etc= Royal Berkshire Archive document reference
IGI = International Genealogical Index
MF = Royal Berkshire Archive microfilm number
TNA = The National Archives
RPC = Regents Park College, Oxford
T&I = Transcripts and indexes

Place Institution Lists Original Document Microform Copies Transcripts and Indexes
Moreton, SouthStrict Baptist ChapelMIsOxfordshire Archives
Mortimer West EndIndependent burial groundMIsSearchroom
Mortimer West EndPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Stratfield Mortimer
NewburyBartholomew Street Methodist ChurchMarriages 1931-1935D/MS2/5B/1MF 94501
NewburySt Joseph's Catholic ChurchBaptisms, Marriages, Burials 1865-dateAt church
NewburySt Joseph's Catholic ChurchSee also Woolhampton
NewburyShaw (formerly Shaw Fields) CemeteryBurials 1913-1972N/UC2/1/1-6
NewburyShaw (formerly Shaw Fields) CemeteryWar Graves 1940-1947N/UC2/2/1
NewburyCongregational Church (later URC) [Lower Meeting]Baptisms 1695-1771At TNAMF 597IGI
NewburyCongregational Church (later URC) [Lower Meeting]Baptisms 1784-1837At TNAMF 597
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Baptisms 1695-1734D/N32/1/1/1MF 41032D/N32/1/1/2
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Baptisms 1695-1771,1784-1864D/N32/8/1/1MF 41034
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Baptisms 1914-1931D/N32/8/1/2MF 41035
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Baptisms 1931-1938D/N32/8/1/3MF 41036D/N32/1/1/2
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Baptisms 1933-1949,1956-1972D/N32/8/1/4MF 41037D/N32/1/1/2
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Baptisms 1947-1953D/N32/8/3/2MF 41038
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Marriages 1839-1850D/N32/8/1/1MF 41034
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Marriages1934-1938D/N32/8/1/4MF 41037
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Deaths 1729-1733D/N32/1/1/1MF 41032
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Burials 1725-1730D/N32/1/1/1MF 41032
NewburyCongregational Church (later URC) [Lower Meeting]Burials 1784-1836At TNAMF 597
NewburyCongregational Church (later URC) [Lower Meeting]Burials 1784-1860D/N32/8/1/1MF 41034
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Burials 1934-1977D/N32/8/1/4MF 41037
NewburyCongregational Church (later URC) [Lower Meeting]MIsSearchroom
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Records excluding registers 1696-1995D/N 32
NewburyNewtown Road CemeteryBurials 1868-1884,1899-1917N/UC1/1/1-2
NewburyNewtown Road CemeteryBurials 1898-1899,1953-1974N/UC1/2/1-3
NewburyNorthbrook Street Wesleyan MethodistBaptisms 1795-1837At TNAMF 598IGI
NewburyNorthbrook Street Wesleyan MethodistBurials 1823-1837At TNAMF 598
NewburyNorthbrook Street Wesleyan MethodistRecords excluding registers 1682-1990D/MS 51
NewburyNorthcroft Lane Meeting House (Baptist)Births 1712-1837At TNAMF 597IGI
NewburyNorthcroft Lane Meeting House (Baptist)Baptisms 1712-1824,1835At TNAMF 597
NewburyNorthcroft Lane Meeting House (Baptist)Burials 1824-1837At TNAMF 597
NewburyPrimitive Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1831-1869D/MC8/7A/1MF 10377Searchroom
NewburyPrimitive Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1852-1880D/MC8/7A/2MF 10378
NewburyPrimitive Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1877-1920D/MC8/7A/3MF 10379
NewburyPrimitive Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1917-1952D/MC8/7A/4MF 10380
NewburyPrimitive Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1952-1977D/MC9/7A/2MF 10382
NewburyUpper Meeting House (Presbyterian/Unitarian)Births 1763-1837At TNAMF 597IGI
NewburyUpper Meeting House (Presbyterian/Unitarian)Burials 1835-1837At TNAMF 597
NewburyUpper Meeting House (Presbyterian/Unitarian)Other recordsDr Williams
NewburyWesleyan Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1838-1852D/MC7/7A/1MF 10363Searchroom
NewburyWesleyan Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1908-1930D/MC7/7A/2MF 10364
NewburyWesleyan Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1930-1952D/MC7/7A/3MF 10365
NewburyWesleyan Methodist Circuit (chapels in Berks and Wilts)Baptisms 1951-1969D/MC9/7A/1MF 10381
NewburyWorkhouseBirths 1836-1868G/N 49MF 26
NewburyWorkhouseBirths 1868-1909G/N 50/1MF 26
NewburyWorkhouseBirths 1914-1947G/N 50/2MF 30039
NewburyWorkhouseDeaths 1868-1909,1914-1943G/N 51/1-2MF 26
NewburyWorkhouseDeaths 1943-1947D/H 5/5/1
NewburyWash Common Primitive Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1967-1970D/MS 78/5A/1MF 31022
NewburyWash Common Primitive Methodist ChurchOther records 1962-1993D/MS 78
NewburyBartholomew Street Primitive Methodist ChurchMarriages 1936-1952D/MS 2/5B/2MF 94501
NewburyBartholomew Street Primitive Methodist ChurchMarriages 1952-1966D/MS 2/5B/3MF 94501
NewburyCity Mission Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1928-1964D/MS 50
NewburySt Joseph's Catholic ChurchBaptisms, marriages, burials 1856-dateAt church
NewburySt Francis' Catholic ChurchBaptisms and burials 1968-dateAt church
NewburySt Francis' Catholic ChurchMarriages 1969-dateAt church
NewburyNewtown Road CemeteryBurials 1917-1921MF 21150T/A 159/1
NewburyNewtown Road CemeteryBurials 1922-1934MF 21151T/A 159/2
NewburyNewtown Road CemeteryBurials 1934-1979MF 21152T/A 159/3
NewburyNewtown Road CemeteryMisMF 21189T/T 75
NewburyCongregational Church (Lower Meeting)Marriages 1899-1985D/N32
Newbury and OareSociety of Friends Monthly MeetingSee also Berkshire, and Reading Monthly Meeting
Newbury and OareSociety of Friends Monthly MeetingRecords excluding registers 1663-1848D/F2B/2
OxfordWesleyan Methodist Circuit (inc north Berks)Records excluding registersOxfordshire Record Office
PangbourneOur Lady and St Bernadette Catholic ChurchBaptisms 1958-dateDouai Abbey
PangbourneOur Lady and St Bernadette Catholic ChurchMarriages 1984-dateAt church
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBaptisms 1834-1836At TNAMF 598IGI
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBaptisms 1868-1896D/N 45/1/1/1MF 92787
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBaptisms 1900-1921D/N 45/1/1/2MF 92843
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBaptism 1928D/N 45/1/1/3
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBaptisms 1929-1930D/N 45/7/1/2
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBaptisms 1940-1977D/N 45/8/1/1
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBaptism 1984D/N 45/8/1/2
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelMarriages (unofficial) 1882-1893D/N 45/1/1/1MF 92787
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelMarriage (unofficial) 1984D/N 45/8/1/2
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBurials 1834-1836At TNAMF 598
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBurials 1880-1884D/N 45/1/1/1
PangbourneIndependent/Congregational ChapelBurial 1984D/N 45/8/1/2
PangbournePrimitive Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1942-1969D/MS 52/5A/1
PangbournePrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1933-1973D/MS 52
PangbournePrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Reading Primitive Methodist Circuit
PeasemorePrimitive Methodist ChapelSee Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
Plastow GreenPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1922-1973D/MS 96
Plastow GreenPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
PoyleUnited Reformed ChurchMIsSearchroom
RamsburyPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1875-1971D/MS 108
RamsburyPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Hungerford Primitive Methodist Circuit
RamsburyWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee Hungerford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
ReadingEmmanuel Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1997-2003D/MS 57
ReadingWest Reading Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1963D/MS 52/5A/1
ReadingWest Reading Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1944-1967D/MS 61
ReadingOxford Road Primitive Methodist ChurchSee West Reading Beecham Road
ReadingWest Reading Beecham Road MethodistMarriages 1949-1961D/MS 62/5A/1
ReadingWest Reading Beecham Road Primitive MethodistOther records 1895-1961D/MS 62
ReadingSpring Gardens Wesleyan Methodist ChapelSee Whitley Hall
ReadingWhitley Hall Wesleyan Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1887-1931D/MS 63/5A/1
ReadingSt William's Catholic ChurchBaptisms, marriages, burials 1907-dateAt church
ReadingBattle Hospital Anglican ChapelBaptisms 1934-1955D/P 98/1/37Reading St Mary Fiche 21