Non Parochial Registers

By 'non parochial', we mean all registers of births/baptism, marriages and deaths/burials that we hold, but that are not Church of England parish registers.

Usually, these registers have come from another faith organisation, but the guide does include registers from workhouses and municipal cemeteries too.


D/N etc= Royal Berkshire Archive document reference
IGI = International Genealogical Index
MF = Royal Berkshire Archive microfilm number
TNA = The National Archives
RPC = Regents Park College, Oxford
T&I = Transcripts and indexes

Place Institution Lists Original Document Microform Copies Transcripts and Indexes
WastageCatholic ChurchBurials 1951-dateAt church
WastageCatholic Church1915-1947See East Hendred
WatchfieldMethodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1953-1994Wiltshire Record Office
WelfordWeston Independent ChapelRecords excluding registers, 1855-1928D/N32/13
WelfordWickham Heath Primitive Methodist ChurchSee Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
West IlsleyBaptist ChapelRecords excluding registers 1887-1950D/N58
WhitchurchWhitchurch Hill Wesleyan Methodist ChurchSee Reading Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
White WalthamLittlewick Congregational Church (former Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion)Baptisms 1871-1888D/MS 47/1A/1
White WalthamLittlewick Congregational Church (former Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion)Other records 1864-1894D/MS 47/1A/1; 8/1-3
White WalthamWesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registersD/MS 47
White WalthamLittlewick Green Wesleyan Methodist ChapelSee Windsor Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
White WalthamFifield Village Mission chapelRecords excluding registers 1911-1966D/N 27
White WalthamWoodlands Park Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1934-1992D/MS 83
WindsorSociety of FriendsSee Maidenhead and Windsor
WindsorSpital Cemetery ChapelBaptisms 1867-1874D/P39/1B/1MF 93443
WindsorSt Mark's Catholic ChurchBaptisms, marriages, burials 1977-dateAt church
WindsorSt Mark's Catholic Church1958-1977 see St Edward's
WindsorBachelors Acre burial groundMIsSearchroom
WindsorSt George's Chapel, Windsor CastleBaptisms 1609-1677At churchBRO library; IGI
WindsorSt George's Chapel, Windsor CastleMarriages 1627-1871At churchBRO library; IGI
WindsorSt George's Chapel, Windsor CastleMIsBRO library
WindsorSt Edward's Catholic ChurchBaptisms 1825-dateAt church
WindsorSt Edward's Catholic ChurchMarriages 1855-dateAt church
WindsorSt Edward's Catholic ChurchBurials 1871-dateAt church
WindsorSt Edward's Catholic ChurchSee also Clewer
WindsorIndependent (William St Chapel, formerly High St)Births 1781-1836At TNAMF 595IGI
WindsorIndependent (William St Chapel, formerly High St)Burials 1833-1837At TNAMF 595
WindsorIndependent (William St Chapel, formerly High St)Trustees' records 1832-1930D/ESB/Q1-27
WindsorKing Edward VII HospitalBaptisms (Anglican) 1943-1947D/P 149/1C/1MF 94002
WindsorBaptist ChurchBaptisms (adult) 1838-1903D/N64/1/2/1-2; 8/2/1
WindsorWar memorialsMIsBRO library
WindsorPrimitive Methodist CircuitRecords excluding registersD/MC 16
WindsorWesleyan Methodist CircuitOther recordsD/MC 14
WindsorWesleyan Methodist CircuitBaptisms 1823-1837At TNAMF 600IGI
WindsorWesleyan Methodist (Beer Lane, Peascod St, Alma Rd)Records excluding registers 1825-1994D/MS 9
WindsorWorkhouseDeaths 1835-1848G/WI 7/1MF 26
WindsorWorkhouseDeaths 1867-1888G/WI 7/2MF 26
WindsorWorkhouseDeaths 1908-1914G/WI 7/3MF 26
WindsorWorkhouseDeaths 1914-1932G/WI 7/4MF 26
WindsorPrimitive Methodist Church, Denmark StreetRecords excluding registers 1908-1926D/MS 79
Windsor, OldGospel HallRecords excluding registers 1937-1952D/MS 80
Windsor, OldMethodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1952-1976D/MS 80
Windsor, OldCemetery, Church LaneBurials (old ground) 1886-1938CPC 150/14/2
Windsor, OldCemetery, Church LaneBurials (extension) 1922-1949CPC 150/14/5
Windsor, OldCemetery, Church LaneBurials 1949-1963CPC 150/14/6
Windsor, OldCemetery, Church LaneFees (including names) 1934-1971CPC 150/14/12
Windsor, OldBeaumont Lodge/College Catholic chapelBaptisms 1865-dateSt Edward's Catholic Church, Windsor
WinkfieldWinkfield Row Primitive Methodist ChurchSee also Windsor Primitive Methodist Circuit
WinkfieldWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee Windsor Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
WinkfieldWinkfield Row Primitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1933-1966D/MS 81
WinkfieldSociety of FriendsSee Maidenhead and Windsor
WinnershWinnersh Hall Undenominational ChurchBaptisms 1942-1959D/MS 82/5A/1MF 31020
WinnershWinnersh Hall Undenominational ChurchOther records 1937-1959D/MS 82
WinnershMethodist ChurchBaptisms 1959-1970, 1977-1985D/MS 82/5A/1MF 31020
WinnershMethodist ChurchOther records 1959-1985D/MS 82
WinterbourneWesleyan Methodist ChapelSee Newbury Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Witcher or WitchaPrimitive Methodist ChapelRecords excluding registers 1905-1935D/MS 108/2B/1
Witcher or WitchaPrimitive Methodist ChapelSee also Hungerford Primitive Methodist Circuit
Witney and FaringdonMethodist CircuitRecords excluding registersOxfordshire Record Office
WokinghamWoosehill Community ChurchRecords excluding registers 1984-2001D/MS 85
WokinghamCatholic ChurchBaptisms, marriages, burials 1902-dateAt church
WokinghamWoosehill Community ChurchBaptisms, n.d. [c.1980s]At church
WokinghamSalvation Army HallMarriages 2002-2010D/N59/8/1/1
WokinghamWorkhouseBaptisms 1904-1948D/P154B/1/16
WokinghamHospitalBaptisms 1948-1962D/P154B/1/16
WokinghamWorkhouse (later Emergency Hospital)Births 1914-1943G/WO 22/1MF21135
WokinghamWorkhouseDeaths 1866-1914G/WO 23/1MF21136
WokinghamWorkhouseDeaths 1914-1925G/WO 23/2MF21137
WokinghamCongregational ChurchRecords excluding registers 1829-1864D/EZ 67
WokinghamFree Church burial ground, Baptist and MethodistBurials 1974-1990, 1996-2011D/QX 34/1/3, D/MS14/5C/3
WokinghamFree Church burial ground, Baptist and MethodistKey to graves 1921-2000, 2005D/QX 34/5/5, D/MS14/5C/1
WokinghamFree Church burial ground, Baptist and MethodistMIsSearchroom
WokinghamWesleyan Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1874-2007D/MS14
WokinghamWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee also Wokingham Free Church Burial Ground
WokinghamMilton Road Baptist ChurchMIs, See also Wokingham Free Church Burial GroundSearchroom
WokinghamSt Sebastian's CemeteryBurials 1958-1991DC/WO/UC 2/1/1MF 31636
Wolverton CommonPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1916-1982D/MS 100
Wolverton CommonPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Silchester Primitive Methodist Circuit
WoodcotePrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Reading Primtive Methodist Circuit
WoodcotePrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1886-1989D/MS 105
Woodcote (Oxon)Primitive Methodist ChapelSee Reading Primitive Methodist Circuit
Woodhay, EastWoodhay Independent ChapelBurials 1840-1855D/N32/8/1/1
Woodhay, EastPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
Woodhay, EastWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee also Newbury Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Woodhay, EastWesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1860-1861D/MS 101
Woodhay, EastHighclere Independent ChapelRecords excluding registers, 1805-1962D/N32; D/N39
WoodleyAirfield Church (Local Ecumenical Partnership: Church of England, Methodist, United Reformed Church)Records excluding registers, 1993-2007D/MS112
WoodleySt John Bosco Catholic Church1938-1945 see Reading St James
WoodleySt John Bosco Catholic ChurchBaptisms, marriages, burials 1945-dateAt church
WoodleyMethodist ChurchRecords excluding registersD/MS 84
WoodleyWoodley Lodge Catholic chapelBaptisms 1802-1869PortsmouthSearchroom
WoodleyWoodley Lodge Catholic chapelMarriages 1802-1869PortsmouthIGI
WoodleyWoodley Lodge Catholic chapelMarriages 1804-1839PortsmouthSearchroom
WoodleyWoodley Lodge Catholic chapelBurials 1802-1869PortsmouthSearchroom
WoodleyCongregational ChurchBaptisms 1858-1949D/N 14/8/1/1
WoodleyCongregational ChurchBaptisms 1953-1969D/N 14/8/1/2
WoodleyCongregational ChurchMarriages 1952-1962D/N 14/8/1/2
WoodleyCongregational ChurchBurials 1858-1905D/N 14/8/1/1
WoodleyCongregational ChurchBurials 1953-1969D/N 14/8/1/2
WoodleyCongregational ChurchRecords excluding registers 1874-1981D/N 14