When you arrive

Upon arrival at reception of the Berkshire Record Office (BRO), we will ask you to do a number of things. 

We recognise that visiting the socially-distanced Record Office will place many more restrictions on visitors than usual.  We are sorry about this and hope  you will be patient with us at this time. 

Please arrive at the time you have booked for your session.

Please ring the doorbell and put on your face-covering.

A member of staff will check that you have booked, and that you do not have symptoms of coronavirus or should be self-isolating.

If you have not booked, have symptoms or should be at home isolating, then you will not be allowed to enter.

Here is an outline of what to expect when you enter:  

  • You will be asked to wear a mask in order to keep people safe from infection of COVID.

  • You will be asked to wait at one of the queuing places in reception and called to access the lockers and toilet area one person at a time. 

  • We ask that you are 'clean in' so you will be asked to wash your hands. 

  • You will be asked to use an allocated locker to put your belongings in.  

  • You will be asked to confirm your contact details as part of the NHS Test and Trace system. Details will be deleted after 21 days. You can find out more information on the system here. 

  • You will be given a short verbal briefing before you enter the searchroom. This will explain which areas of the room you can access and how you should leave your documents after you have finished with them.

  • You will be asked to maintain social distancing in order to keep people safe from infection of COVID.

  • You will be asked to sit at a specific desk and consult your items. Please leave them on your desk when you are finished with them.  

  • You will be able to use catalogues and the library use of shared items will be at your own risk. 

  • You willl be able to use microfilm and fiche if you have booked to use them. 

  • You will be able to make printouts if you have booked to use microfilm or fiche. However you will need to know how to use the machine as staff will not be able to assist. We will aim to clean machines between users, but use of shared items will be at your own risk.

  • You will not be able to order photocopies or printouts for collection on the day. Instead, you are welcome to use self-service photography for instant copies.

  • If you would like to have photocopies, you will need to complete a form to leave behind. This will be quarantined together with the items you would like copied. Copies will then be posted to you.  

  • There will be no food and drink for sale and no access to the public water dispenser.  

  • Contactless card payments are preferred, though you can make card payments if you don’t have a contactless card. Cash will be accepted if you have no other method of payment. 

  • You will be permitted to eat onsite if there is a seat available. Due to distancing measures we cannot guarantee a space for each visitor, so please be prepared to eat outside, or to wait outside until space becomes available. Use of shared seating areas will be at your own risk.  The nearest shop is about 3 minutes’ walk and the nearest indoor places to eat are in the town centre, which is about 10 minutes away. Please do bear this in mind if you plan to stay all day. 

  • The public toilets will be open, but restricted to one person at a time. Please queue at reception if required and staff will let you know when the toilets are free. 

  • Please allow time before your session ends to pay for anything, use the facilities and collect your things. This has to be done one person at a time which takes time to complete. 

Leaving before the session completely ends, will enable us to close promptly at 16:00 in order to put documents away and clean everything down. 

If you, or anyone at home, has COVID-19 coronavirus symptoms or is self-isolating,please do not visit.