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Using the Wills Index

You can search this index of over 38,000 entries to see what Archdeaconry of Berkshire wills, administrations and inventories we have for the period 1480 to 1857.

Let's explain the difference between these records.

Wills: this is the most common record in which an individual sets out their intentions as to what should happen to their possessions after death and to appoint executors.

Administrations (admons): If a person died without making a will (intestate), the court had to appoint people to administer the estate and issued letters of administration. The appointed persons would then enter an administration bond to carry out various tasks. However, they do not reveal anything about actual possessions unless an inventory is included.

Inventories: This was made as a true record of the extent and value of the deceased’s estate and often included debts as well as possessions.

It's also worth noting that sometimes, all that survives is a registered copy of a probate record, which is a hand written version in a bound volume.

How to use the wills index:

The index is listed by surname, but also provides details of place name and occupation as well the document reference of the record and what microfilm/fiche (MF) copies we have.

To use the Name Search simply enter the name as surname, first name. For example: Blackmore, Dennis.

You can also search by surname only or first name only.

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Name Place Name Occupation Year BRO Ref MF Copy
WYNCHCOMBE, John SnrHenwick, Thatcham1612D/A1/134/079 D/A1/15/250MF551 MF10065
WYNCHE, JamesWarfieldHusbandman1618D/A1/134/151 D/A1/15/776MF551 MF10065
WYNCHE, JohnBray1559D/A1/132/130 D/A1/7/282MF550 MF10040
WYNCHE, RichardCookhamHusbandman1557D/A1/6/093MF10043B
WYNCHE, RobertBrayYeoman1619D/A1/134/163 D/A1/15/853MF551 MF10065
WYNCKWORTHE, JoanArdington1591D/A1/133/129 D/A1/11/309MF551 MF10047B
WYNCORTH, RichardEast GarstonHusbandman1609D/A1/134/048 D/A1/14/539MF551 MF10064
WYNG, PeterBrightwellHusbandman1559D/A1/132/132 D/A1/7/268MF550 MF10040
WYNGAT, WilliamAston Tirrold 1544D/A1/3/224MF604
WYNKWORTHE, Richard1555D/A1/220/026MF96110
WYNSPURR, ThomasEasthampsteadYeoman1624D/A1/135/033MF552
WYNTARBORNE, JohnBuckland Marsh, BucklandHusbandman1575D/A1/132/266 D/A1/9/448MF550 MF10046
WYNTER, WalterWestcot, Sparsholt1554D/A1/132/056 D/A1/7/055MF550 MF10040
WYNTERBERN, HelenBuckland Marsh, Buckland1575D/A1/132/280 D/A1/10/020MF550 MF10047A
WYNTERBURNE, AliceLetcombe Regis1588D/A1/133/115 D/A1/11/300MF551 MF10047B
WYNTERBURNE, WilliamBuckland1559D/A1/132/141 D/A1/8/055MF550 MF10043C
WYOTT, JohnReading St LaurenceCloth Worker1632D/A1/135/118MF552
WYRDNAM, JohnEast IlsleyYeoman1592D/A1/133/148 D/A1/12/039MF551 MF10048
WYRDNAM, RalphBeedonShepherd1622D/A1/134/198MF552
WYRDNAM, RichardBeedonHusbandman1584D/A1/133/075 D/A1/10/418MF550 MF10047A
WYRDNAM, ThomasSutton CourtenayHusbandman1570D/A1/132/234 D/A1/9/188MF550 MF10046
WYSE, ElizabethShippon, Abingdon St Helen1558D/A1/132/096 D/A1/8/005MF550 MF10043C
WYSE, EllenHarwell1584D/A1/133/080 D/A1/10/428MF550 MF10047A
WYSE, EmmaHagbourne1558D/A1/6/100MF10043B
WYSE, JohnHagbourne1557D/A1/3/239MF604
WYSE, RobertWinkfield1552D/A1/4/166MF604
WYSE, RobertWinkfield1552D/A1/233/421MF96132
WYSE, ThomasGoosey, Stanford In The Vale1547D/A1/233/305MF96132
WYSE, ThomasWinkfieldFreemason1648D/A1/137/042MF553
WYSEMAN, DorothyGarford, Marcham1607D/A1/134/036 D/A1/14/297MF551 MF10064
WYSSE, EmmaHagbourne1558D/A1/132/084MF550
WYSSE, HarryWinkfield1546D/A1/132/018 D/A1/5/025MF550 MF10043A
WYSSE, ThomasWinkfieldHusbandman1559D/A1/132/143 D/A1/7/280MF550 MF10040
WYTCOME, AliceHamstead Marshall1554D/A1/132/058 D/A1/7/038MF550 MF10040
WYTH, NicholasShinfield1559D/A1/132/113 D/A1/7/165MF550 MF10040
WYTHE , HenryShinfieldLabourer1597D/A1/133/201 D/A1/13/201MF551 MF10049
WYTHE , JohnStratfield Mortimer1562D/A1/132/172 D/A1/2/012MF550 MF603
WYTHER, ThomasFaringdon1559D/A1/132/124MF550
WYTHERS, EdmundInkpenYeoman1609D/A1/134/051 D/A1/14/609MF551 MF10064
WYTHERS, JohnAbingdon St HelenHusbandman1628D/A1/221/111MF96113
WYTT, AnneRadley1531D/A1/1/160MF10042
WYTT, RichardRadley1587D/A1/11/159MF10047B
WYTT, ThomasThrupp, RadleyHusbandman1540D/A1/132/004MF550
WYTT, ThomasRadley1587D/A1/220/122MF96111
WYTT, WilliamEast Hendred1587D/A1/220/123MF96111
WYTT, WilliamEast Hendred1587D/A1/11/161MF10047B
WYTTE, JohnShinfield1566D/A1/132/200 D/A1/8/369MF550 MF10043C
WYX, JohnDrayton, Abingdon St Helen1559D/A1/132/098 D/A1/8/030MF550 MF10043C
WYZE, ThomasGoosey, Stanford In The Vale1548D/A1/3/223MF604
YANDELL, John SnrNew Windsor, WindsorBaker1679D/A1/143/17MF556
YARDLAY, WilliamStanford 1584D/A1/225/007MF96121
YARRE, WilliamReadingBell Founder1616D/A1/15/955 D/A1/142/066MF10065 MF556
YARROD, RichardEnglefield1574D/A1/142/028 D/A1/9/418MF556 MF10046
YAT , JohnThe Ferrers, Stanford In The Vale1555D/A1/142/005 D/A1/7/102MF556 MF10040
YAT, JamesStanford In The ValeHusbandman1565D/A1/142/017 D/A1/8/353MF556 MF10043C
YAT, PaulGarford, Marcham1570D/A1/142/022MF556
YATE , HelenBucklandGentlewoman1580D/A1/225/005MF96121
YATE , WilliamLong Wittenham1557D/A1/142/006 D/A1/8/143MF556 MF10043C
YATE (ALIAS STANDFORD), AnnStanford In The Vale1711D/A1/225/45MF96121
YATE, AlexanderWest WoodhayCloth Worker1638D/A1/142/086MF556
YATE, AliceGarford, Marcham1588D/A1/142/039 D/A1/11/290MF556 MF10047B
YATE, BartholomewFernham, Shrivenham1600D/A1/142/047 D/A1/13/517MF556 MF10049
YATE, BartholomewNewbury1622D/A1/142/069MF556
YATE, BridgetAppleton1623D/A1/142/070MF556
YATE, CharlesLyford, East Hanney1696D/A1/143/34MF556
YATE, EdwardLyford, Hanney1598D/A1/142/045 D/A1/13/243MF556 MF10049
YATE, ElizabethStanford1602D/A1/142/048 D/A1/13/794MF556 MF10049
YATE, EllenLong Wittenham1559D/A1/7/300MF10040
YATE, FrancesBuckland1593D/A1/142/044 D/A1/12/102MF556 MF10048
YATE, FrideswideStanford In The Vale1564D/A1/142/015 D/A1/8/314 D/A1/8/310MF556 MF10043C MF10043C
YATE, HelenLong Wittenham1559D/A1/142/011MF556
YATE, HelenBuckland1580D/A1/10/221MF10047A
YATE, HenryStanford In The ValeYeoman1632D/A1/142/077MF556
YATE, HenryStanford In The ValeYeoman1719D/A1/143/48MF556
YATE, JamesStanford In The ValeYeoman1558D/A1/8/314MF10043C
YATE, JaneStanford In The Vale1647D/A1/225/028MF96121
YATE, JohnParsonage, Buckland1575D/A1/142/029 D/A1/10/068MF556 MF10047A
YATE, JohnBuckland1587D/A1/142/034MF556
YATE, JohnBuckland1587D/A1/11/132MF10047B
YATE, JohnLong WittenhamYeoman1601D/A1/142/049 D/A1/13/702MF556 MF10049
YATE, JohnStanford In The ValeDay Labourer1604D/A1/142/052 D/A1/13/1235MF556 MF10049
YATE, MaryBuckland1546D/A1/6/001MF10043B
YATE, MaryBuckland1546D/A1/3/255MF604
YATE, PaulGarford, Marcham1569D/A1/5/230 D/A1/5/233 D/A1/9/304MF10043A MF10043A MF10046
YATE, PeterAppletonParson1619D/A1/16/317MF10066
YATE, PeterLongworth1680D/A1/225/36MF96121
YATE, Richard SnrStanford In The Vale Yeoman1676D/A1/143/14MF556
YATE, RobertStanford Yeoman1587D/A1/142/035 D/A1/11/276MF556 MF10047B
YATE, ThomasLyford, Hanney1571D/A1/9/264 D/A1/142/023MF10046 MF556
YATE, ThomasPetwick [West Challow], Letcombe Regis1589D/A1/142/041MF556
YATE, ThomasLong Wittenham1633D/A1/16/405MF10066
YATE, ThomasLong Wittenham1636D/A1/225/023MF96121
YATE, ThomasWitney, Oxfordshire1654D/A1/143/1MF556
YATE, Thomas SnrShrivenham1572D/A1/142/024 D/A1/9/325MF556 MF10046
YATE, WilliamStanford1530D/A1/1/144MF10042
YATE, WilliamCharney, LongworthYeoman1622D/A1/225/018MF96121
YATE, WilliamStanfordBlacksmith1632D/A1/142/078MF556
YATE, William SnrStanford In The ValeYeoman1639D/A1/142/087MF556
YATE, William SnrStanford In The Vale Blacksmith1690D/A1/143/24MF556
YATEMAN, FrancisMilton1668D/A1/225/30MF96121