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Using the Wills Index

You can search this index of over 38,000 entries to see what Archdeaconry of Berkshire wills, administrations and inventories we have for the period 1480 to 1857.

Let's explain the difference between these records.

Wills: this is the most common record in which an individual sets out their intentions as to what should happen to their possessions after death and to appoint executors.

Administrations (admons): If a person died without making a will (intestate), the court had to appoint people to administer the estate and issued letters of administration. The appointed persons would then enter an administration bond to carry out various tasks. However, they do not reveal anything about actual possessions unless an inventory is included.

Inventories: This was made as a true record of the extent and value of the deceased’s estate and often included debts as well as possessions.

It's also worth noting that sometimes, all that survives is a registered copy of a probate record, which is a hand written version in a bound volume.

How to use the wills index:

The index is listed by surname, but also provides details of place name and occupation as well the document reference of the record and what microfilm/fiche (MF) copies we have.

To use the Name Search simply enter the name as surname, first name. For example: Blackmore, Dennis.

You can also search by surname only or first name only.

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Name Place Name Occupation Year BRO Ref MF Copy
TRYGE, RogerEasthampsteadBricklayer1576D/A1/126/108 D/A1/10/026MF546 MF10047A
TRYGGE, HenryWarfieldYeoman1595D/A1/126/174 D/A1/12/242MF546 MF10048
TUB, AbelHamstead Marshall1632D/A1/127/104MF547
TUB, FrancisEaton, AppletonMaltster1688D/A1/128/161MF548
TUB, HonourHamstead Marshall1637D/A1/127/124MF547
TUB, JoanLyford, Hanney1594D/A1/217/066MF96104
TUB, JoanLyford, Hanney1594D/A1/12/198MF10048
TUB, JohnHampstead 1540D/A1/126/003MF546
TUB, JohnLetcombe Regis1831D/A1/232/17MF96131
TUB, RichardAbingdonMaltster1688D/A1/128/160MF548
TUB, RichardGarford, MarchamHusbandman1692D/A1/218/88MF96107
TUB, WalterHamstead MarshallLettice Maker1610D/A1/217/099MF96104
TUB, WalterHamstead Marshall1610D/A1/168/059MF96001
TUBB , JohnHamstead Marshall1558D/A1/217/018 D/A1/167/102MF96103 MF96000
TUBB , WilliamNewburyDyer1606D/A1/126/233 D/A1/14/155MF546 MF10064
TUBB, AnnSparsholt1743D/A1/130/96MF549
TUBB, AnnAppleton1770D/A1/130/154MF549
TUBB, AnnSutton Courtenay1790D/A1/131/10MF549
TUBB, AnnWest Shefford1838D/A1/232/24MF96131
TUBB, AvisHamstead Marshall1677D/A1/128/108MF548
TUBB, BartholomewHamstead MarshallCloth Worker1643D/A1/128/008MF547
TUBB, ChristopherRadleyYeoman1728D/A1/130/35MF549
TUBB, CuthbertArdington1631D/A1/217/138MF96104
TUBB, DorothyFrilford, Marcham 1717D/A1/218/138MF96107
TUBB, EliasChildreyShepherd1610D/A1/127/006 D/A1/15/073MF547 MF10065
TUBB, ElizabethEast Challow, Letcombe Regis1635D/A1/127/107MF547
TUBB, ElizabethLyford, East Hanney1662D/A1/128/45MF547
TUBB, ElizabethEast Challow, Letcombe Regis1684D/A1/128/143MF548
TUBB, FrancisLetcombe BassettYeoman1671D/A1/128/89MF548
TUBB, GeorgeHamstead MarshallBricklayer1751D/A1/130/120MF549
TUBB, HenryBenham Valence, SpeenYeoman1634D/A1/127/111MF547
TUBB, JamesFrilford, Marcham1598D/A1/126/190 D/A1/13/279MF546 MF10049
TUBB, JoanNorth Moreton1646D/A1/169/096MF96002
TUBB, JoanSteventon1722D/A1/130/11MF549
TUBB, JohnEast Ginge, West HendredYeoman1679D/A1/128/117MF548
TUBB, JohnEast Challow, Letcombe Regis1684D/A1/128/136MF548
TUBB, JohnBaulking, Uffington1708D/A1/129/70MF548
TUBB, JohnGoosey, Stanford In The Vale1710D/A1/129/77MF548
TUBB, JohnGoosey, Stanford In The Vale 1710D/A1/129/77MF548
TUBB, JohnChildrey1730D/A1/130/41MF549
TUBB, JohnGoosey, Stanford In The Vale 1734D/A1/130/62MF549
TUBB, JohnRadleyFarmer1765D/A1/219/48MF96108
TUBB, JohnCumnorYeoman1775D/A1/130/167MF549
TUBB, JohnChieveleyYeoman1775D/A1/130/165MF549
TUBB, MargaretEast Challow, Letcombe Regis1691D/A1/129/4MF548
TUBB, MaryEast Ginge, West Hendred1698D/A1/129/27MF548
TUBB, MaryAppleton1799D/A1/131/21MF549
TUBB, RichardLyford, Hanney1552D/A1/5/151MF10043A
TUBB, RichardBaulking, UffingtonYeoman1676D/A1/128/107MF548
TUBB, RichardWest HendredYeoman1699D/A1/129/31MF548
TUBB, RichardCharney Bassett, LongworthHusbandman1740D/A1/130/81MF549
TUBB, Richard SnrHamstead MarshallHusbandman1674D/A1/128/98MF548
TUBB, RobertLyford, Hanney1584D/A1/217/051MF96103
TUBB, RobertLyford, Hanney1584D/A1/10/429MF10047A
TUBB, ThomasChildreyYeoman1705D/A1/129/57MF548
TUBB, ThomasSparsholtYeoman1722D/A1/130/13MF549
TUBB, WilliamEast Challow, Letcombe RegisHusbandman1550D/A1/5/092MF10043A
TUBB, WilliamLyford, HanneyYeoman1643D/A1/128/007MF547
TUBB, WilliamEast Hanney, HanneyHusbandman1648D/A1/169/096MF96002
TUBB, WilliamSunningwellYeoman1702D/A1/129/47MF548
TUBB, WilliamEast Challow, Letcombe Regis1720D/A1/130/3MF549
TUBB, WilliamEast LockingeYeoman1720D/A1/130/2MF549
TUBB, WilliamGoosey, Stanford In The Vale 1722D/A1/130/9MF549
TUBB, WilliamSutton CourtenayMaltster1766D/A1/130/145MF549
TUBB, WilliamCumnor1775D/A1/219/60MF96108
TUBB, WilliamCumnor1791D/A1/219/71MF96108
TUBB, William SnrEast Challow, Letcombe RegisYeoman1708D/A1/218/125MF96107
TUBBE, FrancesArdington1641D/A1/128/002MF547
TUBBE, Francis SnrEast Challow, Letcombe RegisYeoman1669D/A1/218/21MF96106
TUBBE, HumphryEast Hanney, West HanneyYeoman1667D/A1/218/17MF96106
TUBBE, JoanNorth Moreton1646D/A1/217/168MF96105
TUBBE, JohnEast Challow, Letcombe Regis1533D/A1/1/257MF10042
TUBBE, JohnE. Challow, Letcombe RegisYeoman1668D/A1/218/19MF96106
TUBBE, John SnrEast Challow, Letcombe RegisYeoman1623D/A1/127/066MF547
TUBBE, JulianHanney1556D/A1/3/196MF604
TUBBE, Julian1556D/A1/233/286MF96132
TUBBE, RichardLyford, Hanney1552D/A1/126/020MF546
TUBBE, RichardHamstead MarshallHair Weaver1579D/A1/126/117 D/A1/10/205MF546 MF10047A
TUBBE, RichardE. Ginge, West HendredYeoman1668D/A1/128/66MF547
TUBBE, ThomasEast Challow, Letcombe Regis1531D/A1/1/153MF10042
TUBBE, WilliamBenham Valence, Speen1538D/A1/217/002MF96103
TUBBE, WilliamEast Challow, Letcombe RegisHusbandman1549D/A1/3/190MF604
TUBBE, WilliamEast Challow, Letcombe RegisHusbandman1549D/A1/126/018MF546
TUBBE, WilliamEast Hanney, HanneyHusbandman1648D/A1/217/174MF96105
TUBBS, AliceBenham Valence, Speen1561D/A1/167/117MF96000
TUBE, JohnSteventonYeoman1699D/A1/129/34MF548
TUBE, RichardDenchworth1613D/A1/127/020 D/A1/15/343MF547 MF10065
TUBE, RobertBenham, Speen1558D/A1/217/019MF96103
TUBE, ThomasEast Hanney, Hanney1593D/A1/126/168 D/A1/12/111MF546 MF10048
TUBS, AliceBenham Valence, Speen1561D/A1/217/030MF96103
TUBS, BartholomewLyford, Hanney1557D/A1/6/122MF10043B
TUBS, RobertBenham, Speen1558D/A1/167/102MF96000
TUCK, GeorgeNewburyMaltster1748D/A1/130/112MF549
TUCK, JohnEastbury, LambournHusbandman1560D/A1/217/027 D/A1/167/114 D/A1/167/112MF96103 MF96000 MF96000
TUCK, JohnNewburyCorn Chandler1755D/A1/219/42MF96108
TUCK, ThomasKintburyHusbandman1690D/A1/129/2MF548
TUCK, ThomasNewburyChandler1740D/A1/130/83MF549
TUCK, WilliamBrimpton1580D/A1/126/122 D/A1/10/230MF546 MF10047A
TUCKE, Agnes1634D/A1/127/112MF547
TUCKE, EleanorBrimpton1581D/A1/10/270MF10047A