plain text versions of our policies

This page is a duplicate of our Policies page, but contains links to plain text versions of our policy documents which should be suitable for screen readers.

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The Royal Berkshire Archives produces a number of documents which provide more information about our services. This is an important part of making us accountable both to local Council Tax payers and to the wider world.

The basic outline of our aims is that we seek to:

  • Acquire documentary material relating to Berkshire
  • Provide curatorial care to ensure the preservation of this material
  • Provide access to the public and encourage research
  • Promote an awareness of the county‚Äôs past

We are run as a joint service of the six district Councils in Berkshire. We have a joint agreement, which provides for us to deliver the service against a specification. It also obliges us to create policies saying how we will deliver the specification.

If you would like to read our policies, simply select from the list below and it will open up as a new web page:

Specification for Archive Services Plain Text Version

Acquisitions Policy Plain Text Version

Cataloguing Policy Plain Text Version

Collections Information Policy Plain Text Version

Customer Services Policy Plain Text Version

Learning Policy Plain Text Version

Outreach and Audience Development Policy Plain Text Version

Preservation Policy Plain Text Version

Training and Development Policy Plain Text Version

Re-Use Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 Plain Text Version

Volunteer Policy Plain Text Version

To view a downloadable PDF version of these documents, please click here.