Images of Broadmoor


Images of Broadmoor

Photograph of the Terrace, Broadmoor Asylum

Date: c1885 | Reference: D/H14/C6/13

This undated photograph shows the south view of the male side of the Asylum. It was taken from the top floor of Block 2, Broadmoor's 'privilege' or parole block. From left to right, it shows Block 5, Block 4, the central hall and chapel (the lighter coloured structure), and Block 3. To the foreground is the Terrace, with its far-reaching views across the Blackwater Valley, to the left of this image.

Although the photograph is undated, it is possible that it was taken on the same day as the male staff group photo. Facilities for photographing patients do not seem to have been introduced until the early twentieth century, so the visit of a photographer would have been a rare event.