Wills Index

Using the Wills Index

You can search this index of over 38,000 entries to see what Archdeaconry of Berkshire wills, administrations and inventories we have for the period 1480 to 1857.

Remember though, that not all entries will be for a will. Some will be for a letter of administration, an inventory or even accounts. Let’s explain the difference.

Wills: this is the most common record in which an individual sets out their intentions as to what should happen to their possessions after death and to appoint executors.

Administrations (admons): if a person died without making a will (intestate), the court had to appoint people to administer the estate and issued letters of administration. The appointed persons would then enter an administration bond to carry out various tasks. However, they do not reveal anything about actual possessions unless an inventory is included.

Inventories: This was made as a true record of the extent and value of the deceased’s estate and often included debts as well as possessions.

Accounts: These are of the executors or administrators and detail expenses involved in dealing with an estate.

It's also worth noting that sometimes, all that survives is a registered copy of a probate record, which is a hand written version in a bound volume.

How to search the wills index

The index is listed by surname, but also provides details of place name and occupation as well the document reference of the record and what microfilm/fiche (MF) copies we have.

To use the Name Search simply enter the name as surname, first name. For example: Blackmore, Dennis.

You can also search by surname only or first name only.

For place names or occupations please use the Keyword Search.

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Name Place Name Occupation Year BRO Ref MF Copy
UBLY, ElizabethWokingham1761D/A1/131/133MF549
UMFRE, ElizabethMilton1531D/A1/1/183MF10042
UMPTON, AlexanderAbingdon1684D/A1/219/112MF96109
UMPTON, AliceHatford1602D/A1/131/060 D/A1/13/899MF549 MF10049
UMPTON, EdwardLongcot, ShrivenhamYeoman1638D/A1/219/096 D/A1/169/111MF96109 MF96002
UMPTON, HenryWest HanneyYeoman1696D/A1/131/109MF549
UNDERHILL, WilliamEast Garston1546D/A1/5/017MF10043A
UNDERHYL, ThomasEast Garston1558D/A1/131/028/1 D/A1/7/159MF549 MF10040
UNDERWOD , JohnShinfield1559D/A1/131/029 D/A1/8/110MF549 MF10043C
UNDERWOD, JohnBucklebury1572D/A1/131/037 D/A1/9/316MF549 MF10046
UNDERWOD, RichardBucklebury1550D/A1/219/076MF96109
UNDERWODDE, JohnBucklebury1551D/A1/131/028/2MF549
UNDERWODDE, WilliamBucklebury1562D/A1/131/033 D/A1/8/193MF549 MF10043C
UNDERWODE, ChristianBucklebury1563D/A1/131/034 D/A1/8/250MF549 MF10043C
UNDERWOOD , Thomas JnrReadingVictualler1724D/A1/131/125MF549
UNDERWOOD, AgnesReading St Laurence1610D/A1/131/064 D/A1/15/049MF549 MF10065
UNDERWOOD, AliceSulhamstead Bannister1597D/A1/131/056 D/A1/13/123MF549 MF10049
UNDERWOOD, DeborahReading1716D/A1/219/124MF96109
UNDERWOOD, DeborahReading1731D/A1/219/128MF96109
UNDERWOOD, GeorgeWaltham St. LawrenceYeoman1705D/A1/131/115MF549
UNDERWOOD, HenryBurghfieldCloth Worker1609D/A1/131/063 D/A1/14/565MF549 MF10064
UNDERWOOD, JamesEast GarstonWoodman1843D/A1/164/44MF584
UNDERWOOD, JaneUfton Nervet1680D/A1/219/111MF96109
UNDERWOOD, JoanReading St Giles1671D/A1/131/93MF549
UNDERWOOD, JohnBucklebury1551D/A1/5/134MF10043A
UNDERWOOD, JohnSheffield, BurghfieldYeoman1631D/A1/131/076MF549
UNDERWOOD, JohnTheale, TilehurstYeoman1643D/A1/131/082MF549
UNDERWOOD, John SnrEasthampsteadHoop Maker1636D/A1/219/095 D/A1/169/111MF96109 MF96002
UNDERWOOD, MargaretWaltham St. Lawrence1689D/A1/219/113MF96109
UNDERWOOD, RichardBuckleburyHusbandman1591D/A1/131/051 D/A1/11/312MF549 MF10047B
UNDERWOOD, RichardStratfield Mortimer1620D/A1/131/069MF549
UNDERWOOD, ThomasSparsholtServant1575D/A1/131/041 D/A1/9/441MF549 MF10046
UNDERWOOD, ThomasEnglefieldYeoman1630D/A1/219/093MF96109
UNDERWOOD, ThomasEnglefieldYeoman1630D/A1/168/187MF96001
UNDERWOOD, ThomasReading St LaurenceCheesemonger1678D/A1/219/109MF96109
UNDERWOOD, ThomasReading St GilesRug Maker1693D/A1/219/115MF96109
UNDERWOOD, ThomasReadingWeaver1703D/A1/219/118MF96109
UNDERWOOD, ThomasUfton NervetYeoman1704D/A1/131/114MF549
UNDERWOOD, WalterEasthampsteadYeoman1677D/A1/131/96MF549
UNDERWOOD, WilliamTilehurstHusbandman1593D/A1/131/054 D/A1/12/117MF549 MF10048
UNDERWOOD, William SnrReadingPin Maker1680D/A1/219/110MF96109
UNTON, AmbroseAbingdon St HelenInnholder1639D/A1/219/097 D/A1/169/111MF96109 MF96002
UNTON, JohnLongcot, Shrivenham1586D/A1/131/047 D/A1/11/071MF549 MF10047B
UNTON, JohnHatfordHusbandman1597D/A1/131/057 D/A1/13/227MF549 MF10049
UPATONE, WilliamBrightwellHusbandman1558D/A1/131/030 D/A1/8/045MF549 MF10043C
UPATOWNE, JoanBrightwell1558D/A1/3/004MF604
UPATOWNE, JoanBrightwell1562D/A1/2/002MF603
UPPATOWNE, JoanBrightwell1558D/A1/131/031MF549
UPPERTONE, JoanBrightwell1562D/A1/233/003MF96132
UPPERTUN, Richard1545D/A1/219/075MF96109
UPRICHARD, JohnReading1552D/A1/219/077MF96109
UPRYCHARDS, JohnBrayHusbandman1589D/A1/131/050 D/A1/11/204MF549 MF10047B
UPTON, CatherineNewbury1805D/A1/232/42MF96131
UPTON, RichardSulhamstead BannisterYeoman1751D/A1/131/131MF549
USE, ThomasCookhamHusbandman1574D/A1/131/040/2MF549
USHERWOOD, ThomasOld WindsorHusbandman1618D/A1/131/068 D/A1/15/829MF549 MF10065