Non Parochial Registers

By 'non parochial', we mean all registers of births/baptism, marriages and deaths/burials that we hold, but that are not Church of England parish registers.

Usually, these registers have come from another faith organisation, but the guide does include registers from workhouses and municipal cemeteries too.


D/N etc= Royal Berkshire Archive document reference
IGI = International Genealogical Index
MF = Royal Berkshire Archive microfilm number
TNA = The National Archives
RPC = Regents Park College, Oxford
T&I = Transcripts and indexes

Place Institution Lists Original Document Microform Copies Transcripts and Indexes
SandhurstCatholic Church1852-1884See Reading StJames
SandhurstCatholic Church1887-1901See Ascot
SandhurstCatholic Church1901-1903See Bracknell
SandhurstCatholic Church1903-1945See Wokingham
SandhurstCatholic Church1945-1981See Crowthorne
SandhurstCatholic ChurchBaptisms 1981-dateAt church
SandhurstBaptist ChurchMarriages 1981-2010D/N61/8/1/1
SandhurstRoyal Military Academy chapelBaptisms, marriages and burialsWith verger; see staff for details
SandlefordHospitalBirths 1947-1951 (Closed until 2052)D/H5/4/1
SandlefordHospitalDeaths 1943-1951 (Closed until 2052)D/H5/5/1
ShalbourneWesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1910-1967D/MS 65
ShalbourneWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee also Hungerford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
ShawShaw CemeterySee Newbury
Shefford, EastShefford Woodlands Wesleyan Methodist ChurchSee also Hungerford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Shefford, WestWesleyan Methodist ChapelSee Newbury Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Shefford, WestMethodist Church, Wantage RoadMarriages 1962-1965, 1971D/MS 5/5B/1MF 94507
Shefford, WestShefford Woodlands Wesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1910-1911D/MS 66
Shefford, WestPrimitive Methodist ChurchBirths 1831-1833At TNAMF 600
Shefford, WestPrimitive Methodist ChurchBirths 1833-1837At TNAMF 600IGI
Shefford, WestPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
ShellingfordCongregational ChurchRecords excluding registers 1828-1878D/N 54
ShinfieldCemeteryBurials 1952-1991DC/WO/UC 1/1/2MF 31635
ShinfieldCemeteryBurials 1928-1952DC/WO/UC 1/1/1MF 31634
ShrivenhamCatholic ChurchBaptisms, marriages, burials 1940-dateAt church
SilchesterPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1839-1984D/MS 97
SilchesterPrimitive Methodist Circuit (12 chapels in north Hampshire)Baptisms 1844-1888D/MC3/7A/1MF 10387Searchroom
SloughHampshire Avenue Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registersD/MS 67
SloughCentral Hall (Methodist)baptisms 1932-1966D/MS69/5A/1
SloughSt Andrew's Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1966-2000D/MS69/5A/1
SloughWilliam Street Primitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1893-1912D/MS 70
SloughCongregational Church (URC), Church StreetBaptisms 1859-1998Searchroom
SloughCongregational Church (URC), Church StreetMarriages 1859-1995Searchroom
SloughCongregational Church (URC), Church StreetBurials 1859-1905Searchroom
SloughCongregational Church (URC), Church StreetMIsSearchroom
SloughLedgers Road Primitive Methodist ChurchSee also Windsor Primitive Methodist Circuit
SloughHerschel Street Wesleyan Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1850-1932D/MS69/5A/1
SloughLedgers Road Primitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registersD/MS 68
SloughCentral Hall (Methodist)Marriages 1932-1966D/MS69/5B/1
SloughSt Andrew's Methodist ChurchMarriages 1966-2001D/MS69/5B/1
SonningIndependent/Congregational ChapelRecords excluding registers 1803-1958D/N 55
SouthmoorWesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1852-1901Oxfordshire Record Office
SouthmoorWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee also Oxford Circuit
SpeenStockcross Wesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1849-1969D/MS 71
SpeenStockcross Wesleyan Methodist ChapelSee also Newbury Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Spencers WoodCongregational (URC) ChurchBaptisms 1901-1907, 1919-1976D/N44/1/1/1
Spencers WoodCongregational (URC) ChurchMarriages 1902-1972D/N44/1/1/1
Spencers WoodCongregational (URC) ChurchFunerals 1907-1976D/N44/1/1/1
Stanford in the ValePrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1888-1969Oxfordshire Record Office
Stanford in the ValePrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Faringdon Circuit
Stratfield MortimerPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1868-1983D/MS 49
Stratfield MortimerIndependent ChapelBirths and baptisms 1805-1837At TNAMF 597IGI
Stratfield MortimerPrimitive Methodist ChurchBurials and MIs 1871-1971Searchroom
Stratfield MortimerPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Silchester Primitive Methodist Circuit
StreatleyBaptist ChapelRecords excluding registers 1857-1943D/N58
Stroud GreenMethodist ChurchOther recordsD/MS 15
SulhamsteadMethodist ChurchSee Reading Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
SunningdaleBaptist ChurchMarriages 1915-1963D/N 23/8/1/1
SunningdaleCongregational ChurchBaptisms 1905-1973D/N21/8/1/2
SunningdaleCongregational ChurchMarriages 1881-1974D/N21/8/1/2-4
SunningdaleCongregational ChurchBurials 1864-1980D/N21/8/1/1
SunningdalePrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1925-1970D/MS 18
SunningdalePrimitive Methodist ChapelSee also Windsor Primitive Methodist Circuit
SunningdaleBaptist ChurchBaptisms (adult) 1884-c1963D/N 23/1/2/1-5
SunningdaleBaptist ChurchBurials 1843-1978D/N 23/8/1/2
SunninghillBurial GroundRegisters of monuments 1951-1971CPC 126/14/1
SunninghillBurial GroundRegisters of graves purchased 1951-2001CPC 126/14/2-4
SunninghillBurial GroundRegister of grave spaces 1950-2003CPC 126/14/5
SunninghillBurial GroundBurial registersSunninghill Parish Council
SunninghillWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee Camberley Wesleyan Methodist Circuit (Hampshire Record Office)
SunninghillCheapside Wesleyan Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1908-1998D/MS 16/5A/1
SunninghillCheapside Wesleyan Methodist ChurchOther records from 1841D/MS 17
Sutton CourtenayCongregational ChurchBaptisms 1954-1957D/N 20/8/1/1
Sutton CourtenayCongregational ChurchBurials 1956D/N 20/8/1/1
Sutton CourtenayCongregational ChurchRecords excluding registers 1769-1957D/N 20
Sutton CourtenayCongregational ChurchRecords excluding registers 1897-1960Oxfordshire Record Office
SwallowfieldRiseley Common or Swallowfield Primitive Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1950-1973D/MS 72/5A/1MF 30994
SwallowfieldRiseley Common or Swallowfield Primitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1926-1978D/MS 72
SwallowfieldRiseley Common or Swallowfield Primitive Methodist ChurchSee also Reading Primitive Methodist Circuit
Stratfield MortimerPrimitivie Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1880-1894D/MC 2/7A/2