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It's a bit of a puzzle

Posted in News on 25 Mar 2021

We have started turning some images from our collections into online jigsaws using the Jigsaw Explorer website.

It works by turning images that we have online into jigsaw puzzles.

You can even use their website to create your own jigsaws if you're interested!

We'll be adding more images as time goes on, so do check back here to see what's new.

We hope that you enjoy making our images come together through these puzzles.

Jigsaw URL Image Details Link to story (if one exists)
Japanese garden with the Prestons

D/EPB/8 Authur and Lydia Preston in a Japanese garden, 1912

February 2018 highlight
Windsor Amateur Swim Club bucket heads

WI/D194/1 Windsor Amateur Swimming Club, c.1910. Apparently they did a blindfold race - with buckets on their heads!

The Berkshire Record Office building

An image of our building - the Berkshire Record Office. There's a lot of glass which makes for a light and airy place to research in.

Berkshire Quarter Sessions Volumes

An image of Berkshire Quarter Sessions volumes on a shelf in one of our strongrooms. The Quarter Sessions were a court held four times a year that dealt with all sort of things from licensing, to criminal cases to highways.
If you'd like to discover more about the Quarter Sessions records, take a look at our online catalogue.
Reading Abbey print

An image of Reading Abbey ruins from c.1800 (D/EX27/Z8).
You can discover more about the abbey on our Reading Abbey pages.