The Royal Celebrations 1838-1897


The Royal Celebrations 1838-1897

Newbury Coronation Regulations

Date: 1838 | Reference: N/D8/17/1

This is the table of events for Newbury's celebration of Queen Victoria’s coronation on 28 June 1838. Victoria’s coronation ceremony has always been recorded as a slightly shambolic affair. The Archbishop of Canterbury managed to force Victoria’s coronation ring onto the wrong finger, and the Queen spent most of the ceremony in agonising pain. The Archbishop also spent time looking for the orb to give to the new Queen, despite the fact that he had already passed it to her. Finally, during the homage the ninety year-old Lord Rolle lost his footing and took his very own roll down the steps of the throne. The Queen took pity and got up to meet him before he attempted another ascent.