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March 2017: What was that name?!

Cexcee 1799 Harwell reg

In a Harwell parish register (ref. D/P64/1/2), a baptism entry has recently been discovered which may cause a bit of stir as the name is a little risqué. The name in question is Cexcee.

Cexcee name close up 1799 Harwell

Cexcee was baptised on 10 November 1799 and was the second child of William and Elizabeth Morgan who were married in Harwell in 1797. They had ten children altogether; seven were baptised in Harwell, three in Lichfield, Staffordshire. The other children's names are fairly common and what you might expect for the period: Susannah, James, George, John, Louisa, Sarah, Thomas and Sophia. Theophilus is probably the most extraordinary of the lot - until you include Cexcee that is.

Cexcee 1799 Harwell entry

It is an unusual name not least for its apparent 'sexual' connotation. But realistically it was probably a variation for something like Cecilia. As her name is spelt throughout her life as Cexcee, sometimes Sexcey, it could not be that every vicar or official misheard the name and wrote it down incorrectly. It must really have been her name and an unusual one at that. Certainly the name does not seem to appear elsewhere so it really does seem to be unique.

Cexcee goes on to marry James Giles in Lichfield in 1836. The 1841 census reveals that she is living there with their children, Mary, Fanny, Emma and James. In 1851 the couple and two of their children emigrated to America sailing on the Michael Angelo from Liverpool to Philadelphia. The 1860 US census reveals that Sexcey (as she is listed) and James are living with one of their daughters, Emma, her husband William Robinson and their four children. Cexcee certainly settled in America for the long term as she died in Philadelphia in 1883 - taking her unusual name with her.


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Mikayla Robinson
Posted on the : 24 Aug 2017

Cexcee/Sexcey Morgan was my great great great great grandmother. I have always been fascinated by her, her story, and her moniker. Thank you for the insight into her unusual name.

Margaret Corfield
Posted on the : 26 Aug 2017

The name Sexey is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, 'and Sexey may go where he pleases', meaning he was a free man. The surname appears in Dorset in the 14th Century. It means 'maker of swords'. There is a Sexey's Hospital and school at Bruton in Somerset - endowed by Sir Hugh Sexie. The Christian name Sexey/ Sexa and its variants) was in use in Somerset up until 19th C. Cexcee Morgan of Harwell was the sister of my 3rd gr grandpa. She was named after her aunt Sexa Morgan. There were 3 more Sexey's in USA who descended from Cexcee Morgan Giles. The name Theophilus was also a family name. I was the person who originally put the tree on Ancestry Website.

Margaret Corfield
Posted on the : 26 Aug 2017

Further to my recent comment, I just noticed an error in the write up about my antecedent Cexcee/Sexey Morgan Giles. She married in 1826, not 1836. Margaret (Morgan) Corfield

Margaret Morgan Corfield
Posted on the : 29 Aug 2017

Cexcee/Sexey Morgan was the sister of my 3rd gr grandpa. She was named after her aunt Sexa Morgan, her father's only sister, of Axbridge, Somerset. The name Sexey/Sexa/Saxa, goes back to Saxon times, and means Maker of Swords, and the name Sexey is in the Doomsday Book - "and Sexey may go where he pleases", which obviously refers to a free man, not a serf. The name appears in Dorset in the 14th C. There is a Sexey's school and hospital at Bruton, Somerset, endowed by Sir Hugh Sexie. A number of girls were baptised by the Christian name Sexey or Sexa in Somerset, up until the 20th C. The name was passed on through Sexey's daughter Fanny Painter, with the last girl named Sexey Painter Yohe, dying in 2004, in Pennsylvania. Sexey's daughter, Emma Giles had travelled to USA in 1849, with her aunt Louisa and family. The name Theophilus was also a Morgan family name, and was the name of William Morgan's father. Sexey's marriage in Lichfield was 1826, not 1836.

Posted on the : 30 Aug 2017

Hello Margaret Corfield Thanks for all the additional information. It may well help others researching their family history. Regards, BRO.


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