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This Month's Highlight

Image of Preston travels China

February 2018: Sail away with me

Escaping the cold winter months to far flung places in 1912

Image of Illuminated Testimonial 1919

January 2018: It's an Honour, Sir

Beautiful illuminated testimonial for Windsor Mayor very timely considering he became a Knight in the 1920 New Year Honours list

Image of YP Reading 1992

December 2017: A step up for a kiss

A copy of the yellow pages aids a small boy in his quest for a Christmas kiss

Image of RMNEF fireworks

November 2017: A Fireworks Spectacular!

A brilliant display of fireworks in 1850 benefits orphan children

Image of Churchwardens accounts

October 2017: Accounting for change

Signs of the Reformation reflected in local accounts

Image of Passport whole pic

September 2017: Is that a passport?

Travel documentation in the nineteenth century

Image of US Dance rules 1944

August 2017: Let's jitterbug (appropriately)!

How girls were invited to dance with American soldiers, as long as they behaved appropriately

Image of Wilder Letter 1829 post page

July 2017: All dinners and ribbons

Insight into aspects of life for a married woman in the Georgian period

Image of Victory show 1941 poster

June 2017: What a show!

Garden show not just about produce

Image of Leaves on seal

May 2017: That's a wrap

Unusual wrapping used to cover a seal

Image of Pocock Globe zodiac

April 2017: It's an inflated world

Discovery of amazing artefact amongst the collections

Image of Cexcee 1799 Harwell reg

March 2017: What was that name?!

Historic register reveals a rather risqué name


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