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This Month's Highlight

Image of Pocock Globe zodiac

April 2017: It's an inflated world

Discovery of amazing artefact amongst the collections

Image of Cexcee 1799 Harwell reg

March 2017: What was that name?!

Historic register reveals a rather risqué name

Image of Valentine lotto side image

February 2017: Valentine's Day? It's a lottery!

How a state lottery could change a person's life in the nineteenth century

Image of Temperance thumbnail

January 2017: A Dry Life

Giving up alcohol as a way of life

Image of Poor xmas dinner front

December 2016: Charity at Christmas

How a legacy provided Christmas cheer for the poor

Image of Cover Rotherfield St ad reg CED

November 2016: That's Conkers!

Why conkers were collected during World War Two

Image of Ghost pic on stairs

October 2016: The Lady casts a ghostly figure

Ghostly goings on are not always what they seem

Image of Queen Victoria wedding profile

September 2016: A Victoria Special

The 'Wedding Observer' provides visual insight to the Royal wedding through words

Image of Coley Park thumbnail

August 2016: It's all in the detail

How Coley Park looked in an early 18th century engraving

Image of Sonning Tennis first mtg

July 2016: Anyone for tennis?

Administrative records provide an insight into a local tennis club in Sonning

Image of Slough A Fest cover

June 2016: Art for the masses

Slough showcases artistic life on a grand scale

Image of Bracknell bricks sale cat 1

May 2016: Building blocks of industry

Bracknell's clay made brickmaking part of its heritage


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